Diversity Secrets

Season 3 Wrap-Up: Turning Diversity Equity and Inclusion Into a Success Story

March 09, 2023 Louise Moulié Season 3 Episode 9
Diversity Secrets
Season 3 Wrap-Up: Turning Diversity Equity and Inclusion Into a Success Story
Show Notes

#025 And that’s a wrap for season 3 of Diversity Secrets Podcast! We’ll be back with a brand new season during the next quarter.
In this episode, we go over what we’ve learned during this season, and give you a sneak preview of what to expect from season 4.

This season, we wanted to build a hands-on, practical blueprint to help YOU set your DE&I work up for success!
Here are the main lessons our guests shared with us on how to succeed at
what sometimes can feel like an impossible job, i.e building truly diverse, equitable and inclusive workplaces:
1. Lay the building blocks for success right from the start. Build a solid DEI strategy that gathers the buy-in from the stakeholders that are critical to its success.
2. Setting your organization up for success in DEI, is also about setting yourself up for success as a DEI leader. Set personal boundaries and realistic expectation for you and your stakeholders, prepare for discomfort, and stay aware of your competencies and how to develop them.
3. Don’t build DEI on wobbly structures: deconstruct to rebuild. Review your whole recruitment and employee-life cycle (onboarding, compensation, development, benefits…) and restructure it from a DEI lens, in order to truly attract, hire and retain diverse talents that can belong and reach their full potential in your organization.
4. Finally, successful DEI is DEI integrated from end-to-end in your organization as a core business component. This means DEI sits at the C-suite table at par with other business units, the DEI team has a budget and is embedded in day-to-day business, you measure progress with KPIs and relevant metrics, and each function in the organization is held accountable for embedding DEI in what they are responsible for delivering at their level.

It’s not easy to succeed at DEI but we hope that through these honest conversations we managed to build a blue-print that will help you along the way. In the end, successful DEI not only means better workplaces for all. It also should lead, thanks to trickling effect, to positive impact beyond the company walls.
That’s exactly what we’ll be talking about next season: taking DEI from workplace to workforce and marketplace!

Thanks for tuning in this season and please don’t hesitate do send us feedback: it helps us grow! Don’t forget to subscribe to not miss out on Season 4!

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