Diversity Secrets

How to Attract, Hire, and Retain Diverse Talents, with Yasar Ahmad, Global VP Talent at HelloFresh

January 26, 2023 Louise Moulié Season 3 Episode 6
Diversity Secrets
How to Attract, Hire, and Retain Diverse Talents, with Yasar Ahmad, Global VP Talent at HelloFresh
Show Notes

#22 When we think of ‘diversity hiring’, we often think of the result: new diverse talents joining our organization. But if we wind up a bit, how do we get there?

In this episode, Yasar Ahmad, Global VP Talent at HelloFresh meal-kit company, explains what it takes to actually attract, hire and retain diverse talents. He shares insights, anecdotes and best practices from many years of experience in talent acquisition in the Tech sector.
There’s no sugar coating it: reaching your objectives when hiring diverse talents is no piece of cake. Standing your grounds is the biggest challenge. We cover the hard work that needs to fall into place in order to guarantee that your hiring processes are as inclusive as possible, and that your values and work environment are welcoming to all - no need to risk the revolving door effect where talents walk in, and right back out the same door.
How do you diversify your talent pool and partner with the right recruiters? What should your assessment process look like and how can you track diversity throughout your pipeline?
As Yasar shares his personal stories, we talk about the ‘back to office’ trend and how it’s affecting diversity too. Finally, Yasar tells us that culture and values are two very different things that shouldn’t be confused… tune in to find out why.

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You can follow Yasar’s work on LinkedIn (@Yasar Ahmad) and Twitter( @YxSxR), and find out more about DE&I at HelloFresh on their website.

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