Diversity Secrets

How to Kickstart your Diversity and Inclusion Work, with Leïla Grison, DE&I Director at Publicis Group

November 17, 2022 Season 3 Episode 2
Diversity Secrets
How to Kickstart your Diversity and Inclusion Work, with Leïla Grison, DE&I Director at Publicis Group
Show Notes

#018 Embark on a time travel with Leïla Grison, DE&I Director at Publicis Groupe, as she takes us back to her first day on the job and tells us how it all started.
Leïla takes us back in time and shares her family story, the social ascension  of her grandmother and mother, a story of social inequality and a real obstacle course.
Fast forward and it’s Leïla’s first day as DE&I Director at Publicis. She tells us how the role got created, how she managed to gather support and commitment from the executive team. So where do you start the work? Which stakeholders do you involve when creating your very first DE&I strategy? How do you build a team and secure a budget to implement the goals you’ve set out to achieve? Leïla tells us everything about how to kickstart your DE&I work!
Leïla also shares with us two success stories from her first year on the job:
1. How they developed and rolled out an employee survey on DE&I thanks to the help of Mixity.co - the first thing to do, according to Leïla, if you want to pin point your priorities for your strategy and convince stakeholders with facts and figures. 2. How they launched their first equal opportunity program, ‘Publicis Track’ - going full circle with her family history, social mobility and equal opportunity is at the heart of what Leïla has set out to do at Publicis!

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Learn more about DE&I at Publicis here: DE&I at Publicis Groupe

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