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Season 2 Wrap-Up: If Diversity & Inclusion Really Matters, Where Are the Results?

June 09, 2022 Louise Moulié Season 2 Episode 7
Diversity Secrets
Season 2 Wrap-Up: If Diversity & Inclusion Really Matters, Where Are the Results?
Show Notes

#014 And it’s a wrap for season 2 of Diversity Secrets Podcast! We’ll be back with a brand new season after the Summer. In this episode, we go over what we’ve learned this season, and give you a sneak preview of what to expect from season 3.

In season 2 we had one overarching question: Why should companies even care about DEI? In other words, what’s the business case for diversity, equity and inclusion in the workplace? In fact, prominent studies demonstrate that ‘diversity and inclusion are good for business’, it’s the ‘smart [and right] thing to do’. However, despite those claims and despite the recent social demands for companies to take action for DEI, the corporate world is only sluggishly moving toward more diverse, equitable and inclusive workplaces. So we had to ask our guests if the business case is not a myth. And here’s the 3 key learnings we gathered :

  1. The business case isn’t as straight forward as we’ve been lead to believe
  2. A strong business case won’t convince everyone in the company
  3. A business case doesn’t necessarily set you up for success

Our guests made it clear: DEI matters for companies that want to stay competitive and relevant in this day and age. But if Diversity & Inclusion really matters, if it really is a strategic priority, why aren’t we seeing results? And that’s exactly what we’ll tackle in season 3: how to get results, and fast! How to translate corporate commitment into efficient action.

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